Thursday, October 8, 2009

Around the house

Gosh, it's a been a long time since I posted her. A few weeks ago I was playing around with the camera and took a few different pics around the house. I think I was playing with the white balance in this one and didn't even notice the glitter of the kitchen light til I downloaded them and started looking. This is part of G's bowling collection. I am in a black and white mood lately and was trying a few new things. A little washed out in my book but it's still a pic.

Monday, August 24, 2009


Years ago I bought this oil bottle for my olive oil. I don't remember how this happened but for some reason I put my dish soap in it. It makes the sink a little fancier than having a Dawn bottle sitting there. Thought I'd share. Just a different view.. thought this was a cool pic.. yeah I'm wierd.

Friday, August 21, 2009

So Ohio

Okay so while I was taking a relaxing hot bath I looked out the window.. Wow, storm clouds.. never seen those this year..NOT.. This Ohio weather has been so crazy .. I mean we still have green yards.. what's with that? By now we only mow a few times a month and it's like straw to walk on.. Oh not this year we have thick, green yards that are growing like crazy.. I was kidding with a friend saying I think we live in "Seattle" Ohio now.. So anywho, I was looking out the window..dark rolling clouds, leaves turned upside down- then I look out the other window...and what do I see...oh bright blue skies with the sun shining on the trees. This is crazy.. I looked out the same two windows and two different views.. I pick the bottom one.. I had to run take a I don't take a bath with my camera.. that's against the law isn't it? I would never do that anyways. Why ? Cause Playboy would be knocking down my partly cloudy/sunny door.. Oh now there's a big big NOT. What would be the weather term for partly sunny/ partly cloudy.. clunny? sloudy?

Mother nature must being having a mid life crisis.. Just like Jon Gosselin..

Grandma's Garden Part 2

This my parent's "puppy" Kirah... The house where I grew up. I slept on this porch before. I don't know why. No I wouldn't dream of sleeping outside like that.. ewwwww. too many bugs.
More flower beds.
A simple little country star poking out of the beds.
A Boston Fern, which I can kill in a week. My mom can keep them all winter. (inside)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Grandma's Garden

We visited my mom and dad today. Here are her flowerbeds.. The bed pan wall. I have always wanted one of these grapevine trees for my porch.

She took an old chair, painted it and sat it right in the middle of her flowerbed.
Do you see the chain of wooden hearts to the left. Another bed pan.
Miss Kitty
I love this angel she saved out of the neighbors trash. She said she took the stand off, painted it and stuck it in her flowers.. Beautiful..

An old wheelbarrel.. I didn't even notice if it has a wheel. I have one of these laying around in the barn. Oh how next year I am junkin up my beds.

Her 10ft sunflowers.. I can't even get 1 to sprout.
Next year she is coming to my house and help me make it comfy cozy.