Friday, August 21, 2009

So Ohio

Okay so while I was taking a relaxing hot bath I looked out the window.. Wow, storm clouds.. never seen those this year..NOT.. This Ohio weather has been so crazy .. I mean we still have green yards.. what's with that? By now we only mow a few times a month and it's like straw to walk on.. Oh not this year we have thick, green yards that are growing like crazy.. I was kidding with a friend saying I think we live in "Seattle" Ohio now.. So anywho, I was looking out the window..dark rolling clouds, leaves turned upside down- then I look out the other window...and what do I see...oh bright blue skies with the sun shining on the trees. This is crazy.. I looked out the same two windows and two different views.. I pick the bottom one.. I had to run take a I don't take a bath with my camera.. that's against the law isn't it? I would never do that anyways. Why ? Cause Playboy would be knocking down my partly cloudy/sunny door.. Oh now there's a big big NOT. What would be the weather term for partly sunny/ partly cloudy.. clunny? sloudy?

Mother nature must being having a mid life crisis.. Just like Jon Gosselin..

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